Welcome to my model railroad!

På svenska tack!


Scale N (1:160).
Prototype American locomotives and cars.
Epoch Modern and a little future.
Operation Running a loop with long trains and switching.
Size As big as the room allows, 415 cm x 110 cm.


My first contact with model train was the Märklin train a friend had when I was six. He had a lot of tracks so we put them together to one long track from the childrens room through the hall and living room to the dining room.

Later I had a friend in school who had a model railway. Unfortunately he had lost his interest so he very seldom wanted to run it.

When my girls became six or seven I convinced them that they wanted a model train. Unfortunately my wife saw through it and said that it was the daddy who wanted a train, not the girls.

Eventually I have became old enough to be allowed to decide that I want a model railroad, so now I will start building one.


I prepared myself by reading about model railroads and how to build them ont the Internet at NMRA's pages and a lot of others. I also read the magazines "N-scale Railroader" and "Model Railroader"

I read that you should test your ideas with driving the larges locomotives and cars you intend to use on the railroad to see that it works. Becuse I didn't had any locomotives or cars I bought a couple of big cars when I was in Canada and USA during Chrismas and New Year in order to have something to experiment with.

Mid January 2007 I ordered tracks, turnouts, roadbed, DCC equipment, locomotives and cars. I have recieved a part of it and is waiting for the rest.

I have had a hard time to decide what to do but now I have finally decided to build a simple trackplan with expansion possibilities.

Now a more than a year later(Mars 2008) I have finished the tracks but not the extension I have metioned before. I have bought a lot of locomotives and some rolling stock.

Partly in order to learn how to buils scenery I have built a small layout as an Inglenook puzzle.

I have also ordered and recieved som tools. More of that later.


Latest layout


Description of the desigh and building.


Information about the tracklaying.



Here I will write about the tools I aquired for bouilding the model railroad.

Locomotives and cars

As I already have mentioned locomotives and cars have american prototypes. My goal is to build a railway from the future so I have decided to only aquire the most modern equipment that is in use today.

Morning Daylight meets a container train (video 13,1 MiByte)


The locomotives are; SD70M, SD70MAC, SD80MAC, SD90/43MAC och AC4400CW.

I also have one switcher, MP15DC


My idea is to transport farm and forest products. Cars will also be transported as well of a lot of products in containers.

Morning Daylight

The only passenger train is a complete 'Morning Daylight' train, 18 cars, one GS-4 steamengine and a total of six different diesels, PA-1. PB-1, E8/9, all in 'Morning Daylight' colors.


My version of the Inglenook puzzle.