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When I got some Geocoins to send out I wanted to see where they are on a map. Unfortunately there is no such service at so I decided to try to make such a map by myself. Of course most of the job was done by Google so what I needed to do was a way to put the different icons on the right spots on the map. Coins that I have activated but not sent out are put in a table below the map.


In order to create a map you need a web server. If you only want to see the map for yourself you can activate a local webserver on your computer. If you want other to see the map you need a public webserver. You also need Java installed on the computer you will use to maintain the map. If your webserver is at your Internet server provider you need to be able to upload files to the server.


On the webserver there will be one web page (html file), one javascript file, one XML file that contains information on icons and the coins location, icon files for the icons to display on the map.

You will also have program on the computer that is used to maintain the XML file. The program is Java based and can run on any computer (Linux, Mac or windows).

Step 1 - Web page

Download this template and change 'me' in line 4 and 11 to your name.

Create a directory on the webserver where you will have your map files. Store the modified template as for example 'tbmap.html'.

Step 2 - Javascript

Download the javascript file and store it in the same directory as the html file on the server.

Step 3 - Administration program

Download the program that will be used to create and maintain the XML file. there are two files.

Create a directory called 'tbmap' in the computers program direcory and in that directory another directory called 'lib'. Download this file to directory 'tbmap'. Download this file and this file to directory 'lib'.

Create a shortcut to run the program. The program will be started with the command "java -jar 'way to program'/tbmap/GeocacheMapSettings.jar". 'way to program' is the directory path to the directory 'tbmap' you created, for example (on Windows) C:\program\tbmap\GeocacheMapSettings.jar.

Check that the program starts.

Step 3+ - Directories

Create a new directory in the directory you created in step 1 on the web server called images.

If you have installed the Administration program on the server go to step4.

If you have your server on a computer at your ISP you need a copy of the directories on the server on your local computer. Create a directory somewhere on the computer. Create a new directory named images in that directory.

Step 4 - Icons

These are icons to show on the map. I suggest you copy the icons from the geocoins web page at You only need one icon file for every kind of icon you will show. Several coins use the same icon. Copy some of the icons you need to some place in your computer.

Step 5 - XML file

Start the Administration program. See the user manual how to use the program.

  1. Set settings.
  2. Add icons.
  3. Add travelbugs and geocoins.
  4. Save the file.

Step 5+ - copy files to web server

If you are not working at the server you need to copy the XML file and the files in the 'images' directory to the server.

The XML file should be copied to the directory where the html file and the javascript is. The files in the 'images' directory to the 'images' directory on the server.

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