My geocaching programs

Geocache Statistic.

This program will create HTML-code for putting in the users profile detail. The program needs a .gpx file created from a "My Finds" pocket query.


Start the program by clicking here
If the program don't start, open a command window and write 'javaws' without the apostrophs and press the enter key.

NB! You need to have Java installed on your computer. The Java version must be 1.5 or newer.

Program usages

After starting the program read how to proceed in the programs Help section.

Map programs

I have been working with two applications, based on Google Maps. Both of them are under development. They are only tested successfully on Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. On Internet explorer they work on the version 8.

If you are interested in trying out any or both of the maps for your own data contact me and I can provide you with all necessary information and files / programs as they are today. For the moment I have a HowTo for creating the travelbug / geocoin map.

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