The dream

I have dreamt of sailing for a very long time. Preferably ocean cruising not having a time limit. I have been thinking of building a boat suitable for ocean cruising and retire as soon as possible and then go to sea, sailing to wherever my nose points. Not to have any long time plans, rather do what come to my mind. If it will stay with sailing along the coasts of Scandinavia so let it be that way. But of course is the West Indies and the Pacific very tempting.
When I write this I have already begun to realize the dream.

How did I prepare myself?


I have the certificate needed for sailing large boats in Scandinavian waters and I have almost finished the Yachtsmaster Offshore Certificate.
There are two reasons why I learned scuba diving. I can check and do some maintenance without taking the boat ashore. Wherever I sail there will be a lot to see even under the surface. If I don't scuba dive I think I will miss a lot of the excitement coming to new places.

Studying on my own

I have read a lot of books about sailing and boats. Books about sailing in heavy weather, how to choose a boat and how to choose equipment. Books written by and about ocean cruisers, where they tells about their experiences.


The boat


A bigger boat will move more smooth in the sea which is good to prevent seasickness and crew fatigue. I want a boat where I can stand upright in some places, for example the main cabin and the galley. I have heard people saying it's a real pain to prepare food and to wash up if you cant stand upright. Big boats costs more then a small one. The smaller the boat the easier to handle it with a small crew. A suitable size is 40 - 45 feet.


The boat must be strong. I want a boat built in steel. It must have a long keel because it is stronger than a fin-keel. Sooner or later I will run aground and the boat must endure it. In the aft there must be a platform and a ladder suitable for diving.


From the beginning I wanted a ketch. A ketch is very beautiful with all the sails set. It's also a good way to split the sail area in many small sails for easier handling with a small crew Head sail and foresail roller reefing have changed that so will go for a cutter rig.


You ought not be alone. A couple (man and woman) is said to be the best solution. Unfortunately I don't have partner, but i can't give up hope on meeting someone that wants me and who is not afraid of water..

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